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Ken Gregory, CHSP, CHOP
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During this crucial time it is important to insure your continued ability to be reimbursed from CMS and private insurance companies once the pandemic settles and you are trying to recover and get back to normal operations. When alterations are made to your facilities and/or you need to use alternate facilities (even a tent outside the ED for example possibly) you may not be meeting the requirements of the Conditions of Participation (CoP). By not meeting these requirements you can possibly lose your ability to bill for reimbursements through the Medicare and Medicaid programs. CMS has issued a few blanket waivers that cover many clinical type issues, and on March 23, 2020 they approved a State of NC 1135 waiver covering your possible need to use an alternate care facility (s) amongst other issues. However they do not cover many of the physical plant items such as the inability to complete required fire, utility, and/or medical equipment testing for varied reasons, etc. Whether you use a blanket waiver provided, the approved state of NC 1135 waiver, and/or the hospital acquired 1135 waiver process, it is critical to keep detailed documentation, and keep your Emergency Command Center operations throughout. 

If you need assistance sifting though what is covered under blanket waivers, what you may need to request an 1135 waiver through the SSA program, what needs to be documented, or assistance completing any of the required actions, please do not hesitate to contact me for guidance and assistance. 

Below are links to the blanket waivers and the NC state approved waiver.

CMS Blanket Waiver Fact Sheet or 

NC state Waiver or

Above all, stay safe and thank you for your always diligent work, especially during disaster emergencies!! 

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Published: April 21, 2020

COVID-19 Safety Enhancements for your Facility

At DH Pace, we pride ourselves in the comprehensive collaboration that we have with our clients in order to establish the best possible solution with regards to “Everything Doors”. Furthermore, our unyielding commitment to ensure that we are “Building Safer Communities”, is extremely relevant with the increased need for infectious control solutions.

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Healthcare HVACR Building Services DURING COVID-19
Robin Aron, Envirotrol, LLC

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In addition to fire, water, and storm damage our team is ready to start disinfecting your buildings following CDC guidelines and utilizing EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants.

Our environmental services include:

  • Creating a protocol for your building or facility 

  • Facility maintenance cleaning plans using an approved hospital grade disinfectant

  • ULV Fogging

  • Large scale cleaning and containment

  • HEPA Filtration/negative pressure (in quarantine areas) 

We can clean buildings on a one-time, bi-weekly or even daily schedule. For a consultation regarding your facility please contact us at 803-764-0222. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

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